Joy and Andrew are exactly like 95% of our clients in at least one way (obviously being fans of our work is another though I’d like to hope that the other 5% are in on that one too). The way that I mean is that they are not great fans of having their own photo taken. To be quite honest, I’d probably feel the same if someone could only prise me out from behind my camera. This is precisely the reason why we encourage our couples to come along and meet us somewhere local for a pre-wedding photoshoot (sometimes known as an E-shoot). Now, the term photoshoot might make you think of Britain’s Next Top Model but in reality, it is an extremely relaxed couple of hours getting to know the person that you’ve booked to spend over 12 hours photographing your wedding day. As a bonus, you get to come home with some cracking photos of the two of you (there’s nothing to stop you bringing the dog or the kids along too). It is also a chance to discover that having your picture taken can be a fun thing and generally, the end result is that it becomes one less thing to worry about on the wedding day itself.  Now, back to…………………….

Joy and Andrew are getting married this June in Spennymoor before heading across to Hutton Rudby where they’re setting their reception on a friend’s farm. I have a feeling that it could be quite some day. With all of the above in mind, we decided to make a quick trip across to our local beach for the photos. We agreed to meet at Seal Sands near Seaton Carew and walked the short distance to the breakwater at North Gare, overlooking the River Tees Estuary. You know, sitting on the dock of the bay type of thing, watching the ships roll away. Well, it sure wasn’t the Frisco Bay and we weren’t wastin’ time. Walking along the beach certainly blew the cobwebs away but all-in-all we had a great time. I hope that the following photos give you a feel of that but that they also help point out the benefits of a pre-wedding photoshoot, especially if you book your wedding photos with Martin Ker Photography.

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Engaged couple sitting on bench at seaside Couple posing in front of sea Couple in front of sea Engaged couple sitting in sand dunes man laughing in sand dunes Couple overlooking the River Tees Estuary Couple at beach on pre-wedding shoot Couple at beach Engaged couple outlined against a blue sky Couple in sand dunes Couple on sand dunes Pre-Wedding photoshoot of couple Girl runs in sand dunes Andrew runs down sand dune Couple embracing at beach Couple in the marram grass Holding hands on the beach Holding hands at the beach View from behind a couple walking  along the beach Couple turn round and smile at camera